In the fight against ocean plastic, we need to move faster.

We need a standard.

Why a Plastic Standard?


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Customers want to protect the oceans and do something about plastic pollution. The Plastic Standard puts you at the forefront of the movement.


Thinking differently about plastic accelerates your supply chain, traceability, and transparency efforts. It also identifies operational efficiencies and waste reduction opportunities.


The Plastic Standard improves your ability to identify and prepare for upcoming risks. Involvement with the leading companies, thought leaders, and NGOs working on this issue gives you advance warning of where things are going, what your customers are thinking, and what governments might do. And that makes it possible to be better prepared, sooner.


Plastic Free

Your employees care about what your company is doing, and being engaged in key areas matters to them. The Plastic Standard is a chance to take leadership on one of the largest issues of our time.

Value to the World

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A credible, widely accepted plastic standard will create a better platform to assess value and impact of plastic with a goal of focusing and accelerating action.

Comparison of Standards

The Plastic Standard is a comprehensive plastics assessment, designed to go beyond the current weight-based systems used by organizations such as Plastic Bank (for Plastic Neutral), ReBalance / Penn, and the Plastic Collective.

The Plastic Standard metric (True Plastic Impact) uses twelve crucial metrics –  including weight, but not stopping there – to assess impact.


Our mission: Bringing about the time when plastic is no longer harmful, economically and ecologically.

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